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Re: Tales from Amateur Humbertland (fwd)
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Dear Dr. Johnson,
> A couple of weeks ago my local bookseller finally delivered me a
> biography of VVN in French, from the Ecrivains de Toujours series. The
> most expensive paperback I've ever bought. It has lots of color plates
> but a meandering and obscure approach to its task. The writer would like
> to but does not dare introduce Freud, and so brings him, in disguise,
> through the servants' entrance.

The reader/scholar may want to add that the book in question is
Jean Blot's NABOKOV (Paris: Seuil, March 1995)
(Ecrivains de Toujours series) FF 56.00. 219pp.
ISBN 2-02-020640-4
Editions du Seuil
27 rue Jacob
Paris, 6eme

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