Vladimir Nabokov

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THE NABOKOVIAN, a twice yearly publication of the International Nabokov
Society, has just appeared. Number 36, Spring 1996. The publication,
founded and edited by Professor Stephen Parker at the University of
Kansas, comes automatically to all members of the the Nabokov Society. An
Index to the first 30 numbers is available on ZEMBLA at
http: //www.libraries.psu.edu/iasweb/nabokov/nsintro.htm
Subscription information is available in an immediately following message.


News by Stephen Parker

Annotations and Queries--edited by Gennady Barabtarlo
On the Origins of Nabokov's Neuralgia--Michael Chenoweth
The Hawk of Genius---Adam Ott (Re ADA.)
The Origin of the 'Proustian theme in a letter from Keats to
Benjamin Bailey ----Gerard de Vries' (Re LOLITA.)
Computing LOLITA---Yvan Chaxel.
LOLITA's Riddle---Brian Walter
The above two items address a vexsome chronological puzzle.
On Exiles & Regicides---Joseph Geiger

Chukovski & the Nabokovs----by Anna Muza. (Kornei Chukovsky [1882-1969]
was a Russian man-of-letters who knew an astounding number of
his fellow intellectuals--including VN's father and uncle. His
diaries--only recently published in full--contain several side
glances at the Nabokovs. This short essays surveys the Nabokov

Annotations to ADA: Part I Chapter 6------Brian Boyd

Abstracts. (Abstracts of 14 papers on Nabokov delivered at various
recent scolarly meetings. Most have previously appeared on NABOKV-L.)