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Re: Swinburne Query (fwd)
EDITOR'S COMMENT. In addition to Gennady Barabtarlo's
<gragb@mizzou1.missouri.edu> identification of the Swinburne quote,I might
mention that ADA somewhere alludes to S. as the Burning Swine. VN quotes
Swinburne in his "Introduction" to STRONG OPINIONS: "Swinburne has a
shrewd comment on 'the rancorous and reptile crew of poeticules who
decompose into criticasters.'" He is referring to the literary politics in
the Parisian emigre community circa 1930.
One of the best reference sources for this sort of thing is John
DeMoss' _Index to STRONG OPINIONS_ which may be found at ZEMBLA, the
Nabokov Web Site administered by Jeff Edmunds. Address:
http: //www.libraries.psu.edu/iasweb/nabokov/nsintro.htm

It's from "Dolores, 20" (Time turns the old days to derision, Our loves into
corpses or wives).

Also: Stacy Schiff, a New York writer, (no relation to the scripter) has
received a Guggenheim for a biography of Vera Nabokov, in progress.


>From: joseph piercy <j9250308@wlv.ac.uk>
>Dear Nabokovians
>Could anybody help me with the following ?
>1) Lucette quotes (as told be the not entirely reliable Vivian
> Darkbloom) a line from
> Algernon Swinburne in "Ada" : "All our old loves are corpses or wives"
>(penguin edition p288) does anybody know from which work this quote
>2) Did Nabokov ever comment/ write about Swinburne at any point.
>I am interested in this as Swinburne's elaborate alliterative epithets
>have a peculiar Nabokovian flavour. "Dolores" being a fine example of
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