Vladimir Nabokov

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Unreliable Narrators - Reply (fwd)
Perhaps Celine's Voyage au bout de la nuit (Voyage to the End of the Night)
or Mort =E0 credit (Death on Credit) fit the unreliable narrator model. Bot=
of these are available in translation by the excellent Ralph Manheim,
published by New Directions Books.

The novels deal with the character Ferdinand narrating his adventures all
over the world during and just after World War I. C=E9line is one of the
unappreciated writers of this century (somewhat like Nabokov and Pound)
primarily because of his unfortunate political affliations. These two
novels can be disturbing and funny, intimidating and full of humanity. Much
like viewing the world through the eyes of Humbert or Knight, reality is
tainted by the brilliant insanity of the narrator. It is masterful writing
and well worth anyone's time.

I hope that I don't sound too didactic to those members who are
already acquainted with Celine.

Scott Michael Craig