Vladimir Nabokov

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Nabokov references (fwd)
From: Julian W. Connolly <jwc4w@faraday.clas.virginia.edu>

I just wanted to pass on two Nabokov references in the
Washington Post Book World (Sunday, June 9, 1996). On page 3
is a review of John de St Jorre's book, _Venus Bound: The
Erotic Voyages of the Olympia Press and Its Writers_. The
reviewer, Jonathan Yardley, notes that _Lolita_'s triumph in
1959 was "the peak of Girodias''s publishing career." He
continues: "Girodias soon fell out of favor with Nabokov and
began his slow descent to failure and a deliciously
embarrassing denouement."

The second reference is in a memoir-essay by Michael
Dirda. After describing his early erotic encounter with Terry
Southern's _Candy_, he goes on to write about _Lolita_, and he
devotes several paragraphs to a discussion of the changing
cover art for various editions of the work.