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QUERY: Transparent Things (fwd)
From: joseph piercy <j9250308@wlv.ac.uk>

Dear Nabokovians,
Could anyone help me with the reference to Wittgenstein in R's
"Tralatitions" ? (chapter 23 of "Transparent Things"). Sometime ago I
came across a partial explanation of it in David Rampton's book on Nabokov
(I think, although I could well be mistaken). However, I failed to make
note of the relationship to Wittgenstein and do not have the text
available to check it out. Any information at all (alternative
explanations etc) would be most welcome.

"Raining in Wittenberg, but not in Wittgenstein" (T.T p94 Penguin

Many Thanks in advance.

Joseph Piercy
University Of Wolverhampton
West Midlands
United Kingdom