Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: VN & Formalism (fwd)
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On Nabokov and Formalism, see:
1. Khodasevich. "O Sirine."
2. Hansen-L=F6ve, Aage A. Der russische Formalismus. Wien, 1978. S.580-586;
3. Brown, Edward J. "Nabokov, Chernyshevsky, Olesha, and the Gift of
Sight." In: Literature, Culture and Society in the Modern Age. In Honor of
Joseph Frank.(Stanford Slavic Studies. Vol.4. Part 2), 280-294.
4. Paperno, Irina. How Nabokov's Gift Is Made. Ibid., 295-322.
There was an interesting piece on Nabokov and Tynianov in an issue
of a seminal Tynianovskii sbornik or Tynianovskie chteniia (Riga, 199?)=20
three or four years ago but unfortunately I do not remember either the=20
name of its author or the title.
I have written on the subject (though briefly and in connection
only with Shklovsky and Khodasevich's criticism of formalism) in my
forthcoming "Tri zametki o Dare" (Three Notes on The Gift) to be published
in Petersburg.
Alexander Dolinin