Vladimir Nabokov

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VN & Formalism
EDITOR'S NOTE. Although I am sure subscribers will have several leads to
the query below, I would mention two that come to mind. Tony Tanner's
book _City of Words_ notes VN's links to the Russian Formalism. Magdalena
Medaric's _Od Masenjke do Lolita: Pripoovjedacki svijet Vladimira
Nabokova_, Zagreb, 1989. See Zoran Kuzamnovich's detailed review of the
latter in _NABOKOV STUDIES #1 (1994).

From: Andreas Rath <a2323800@smail1.rrz.uni-koeln.de>

In all his lifetime Nabokov rejected his belonging to any literary group,
not wanting his work to be catagorized in one or the other way.
Nevertheless, one might find in his prose the using of formalistic
methods, the making strange objects, discribed from an unusal point of
I am writing a dissertation about these aspects in Nabokovs early prose
and I am looking for material.