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Re: shamoes in ADA query (fwd)
From: J. A. Rea <JAREA@UKCC.uky.edu>

On Mon, 25 Mar 1996 12:26:47 -0800 Donald Barton Johnson said:

>EDITOR'S NOTE. Jeff Edmunds and Eric Roman both propose that "shamoes"=
>"chameaux", i.e., camels. Roman further notes that the "chameau" is
>one-humped vs the two of the "dromadaire." Thanks to the others who
>Jeff Edmunds

Although I cannot keep from remembering a movie in which someone had called
for a camel, to which Franklyn Pangborn asked fruitily (no sexual innuendo
intended, just musical), "One lump, or two?"; I think someone has
mistaken himself on how many lumps a dromedary has: anybody out there
own a dictionary?

Ki semenat ispinaza, non andet iskultsu!

J. A. Rea jarea@ukcc.uky.edu