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Another _PF_ anagram (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE: Tom Sefrid's solution looks quite good to me. Comments?
From: Thomas Seifrid <>

Just reread (for my class on VN) your section on anagrams in *Pale Fire*.
Has anyone conjectured that "Kobaltana," in addition to its wonderful
chromatic associations, can be unscrambled to yield both "Nabok" [=the
progenitor, was he not, of the Nabokov line?] and "alta"--thus, perhaps,
"Alta Nabok." Wasn't it also in Alta, Utah (or Utana) that VN, as a recent
refugee from Extremist Europe, was given refuge (and butterfly opportunities)
in his first summer in the US? In any event, it would make an appropriate
site for buried treasure.