Vladimir Nabokov

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1. The NABOKV-L dialogue between novelists David R. Slavitt and Donald
Harington that got off to a vigorous start a couple of weeks ago has been
temporarily suspended. The dialogue will resume probably in June.
Meanwhile I urge you to read some of the work of each writer both for its
own merit and as examples of the extremely different ways that two writers
have assimilated Nabokov. Harington's EKATERINA (which may be sampled on
the Nabokov www site
is generally available, while Slavitt's ALICE (after Wonderland) should
be at your library. NABOKV-L shall run a review of each book to give
readers some sense of their contents and to whet your literary appetites.

2. *DAILY* functioning of NABOKV-L shall be suspended for the month of May
while the editor is on vacation. Although I shall be sporadically
accessing my e-mail, there may be substantial delays in postings. Do
continue to send in material for NABOKV-L or to me at my personal e-mail
address below.

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