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Re: ADA'S Lucette & Doppelgangers (fwd)
EDITORIAL NOTE. There is obviously a lot of classical subtext in ADA. In
addition to the hints below, I've remarked allusions to the Greek
pantheon, and Bobbie Ann Mason to Garden of Eden lore (_NAbokov's Garden_)._
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On Mon, 29 Apr 1996 14:32:00 -0700 Donald Barton Johnson said:
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>From: Holly Montague <hmontagu@knox.edu>
>Not on this topic (I'm a Latinist, not a real Nabokovian) but on Ovid.
>REALLY? No one has? And what about Daphnis and Chloe by Longus? I bet a
>lot of the Ovidian things would turn out to be filtered through Longus.
>Holly Montague>

Filtered or not, why not have a fling at these since you're a card carrying
Latinist. It won't take you long to find a Narcissus candidate (besides
the aforementioned Halcyon), and who's that in bed with the two nymphs?
What's Ada doing in that tree? Someone can make something of the milk and
honey scene, I'm sure. Take the ball and run with it: there's more --
Just stay away from Phaeton in the zigzagging sun chariot: I'm using it
as an aside in a paper I'll finalize yet on that double microcosm chapter
inside the macrocosm of the entire book, if I can get someone to accept
it as a paper at a meeting one day. Then people will come to know why
the book started where it did, and why the story ends where it does.

Ki semenat ispinaza, non andet iskultsu!

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