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Re: ADA'S Lucette & Doppelgangers (fwd)
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> On the subject of Doppelgaengers, it has seemed to me that
> Lucette , swimming/floating away from that ship, besides paralleling
> Halcyon (not the drug!) (why won't someone do a paper on the many uses
> of Ovid in Ada?) is like (sorry for the plagiarism) the Doppelgaenger in
> Conrad's _Secret Sharer_ swimming away from that ship. But if we carry
> this to its logical conclusion, then she is (at least in this scene)
> _VAN's_ double! Anyone foolhardy to chew on this topic?
Not on this topic (I'm a Latinist, not a real Nabokovian) but on Ovid.
REALLY? No one has? And what about Daphnis and Chloe by Longus? I bet a
lot of the Ovidian things would turn out to be filtered through Longus.
Holly Montague>