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ADA'S Lucette & Doppelgangers
From: J. A. Rea <JAREA@UKCC.uky.edu>

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On the subject of Doppelgaengers, it has seemed to me that
Lucette , swimming/floating away from that ship, besides paralleling
Halcyon (not the drug!) (why won't someone do a paper on the many uses
of Ovid in Ada?) is like (sorry for the plagiarism) the Doppelgaenger in
Conrad's _Secret Sharer_ swimming away from that ship. But if we carry
this to its logical conclusion, then she is (at least in this scene)
_VAN's_ double! Anyone foolhardy to chew on this topic?


(in extenuation, we must remember that Conrad wasn't writing in his
native Slavic tongue)

Ki semenat ispinaza, non andet iskultsu!

J. A. Rea jarea@ukcc.uky.edu