Vladimir Nabokov

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Query: ADA
From: Sergey B. Ilyin <isb@glas.apc.org>. Please make your respesponses


1. What can be said about sources of "Calabro's aria" (I.40)?

2. What is known about Vere de Vere which appears at first as Van's
"schoolmate" (I.32), then flashes in "Gwen de Vere" novel (II.7), and
then becomes the author of "Ninon de Lenclos" (Commentary to III.8)?
In the second case the vicinity of "Klara Mertvago" hints on
"Lady Clara Vere de Vere" by Alfred Tennyson, it seems. But this
hint is also not clear to me.

3. What is to known about the English author Quigly whose novel puts Mlle
Lariviere into such a rage (I.19)?