Vladimir Nabokov

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VN DIALOGUE between David Slavitt and Donald Harington
EDITOR'S INTRODUCTION NABOKOV-L boasts a fair number of
distinguished names among its 300 subscribers in twenty-odd countries.
Most are academics or lovers of literature. A few, however, are well-known
writers. David Slavitt and Donald Harington, both born in 1935, are from
the generation of American writers that emerged in the post-LOLITA period.
Both of these men have had long and distinguished careers and both
acknowledge the profound impact that Nabokov has had on their writings,
albeit in very different ways. Harington and Slavitt have agreed to
engage in a free-form discussion of Nabokov and his relationship to their
own work.

The discussion opens today with each writer speaking of his own
introduction to Nabokov. For reference purposes, each posting will be
labelled VN DIALOG:S1, S2, S.... and H1, H2.... David Slavitt's opening
remarks are accompanied by an earlier essay that he ran on NABOKV-L
recounting his interview with Nabokov in 1958.

Questions and comments are welcome and may be directed to the editor at
NABOKV-L, but the presentation is basically a dialogue--an exchange
between two people.