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Re: PF Narrator? Pnin in Pale Fire (fwd)
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>From: Jim Morrison <jamorrison@metronet.de>
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>Subject: Pnin in Pale Fire
>I would like to ask all the pro-Shadeans and the pro-Kinboteans to explain the
These "two part messages" come through with the first part truncated, and the
second part readable on screen, but unsavable as a file. For readability by
the wide variety of systems "out here", texts should be ascii, with lines
not too long for receiving computers that cannot word wrap them, and without
html symbols that come through as garbage. "Fancy" tricks simply eliminate
a part of one's intended audience. Most of us are at the mercy of an insti-
tutional "mainframe" or server of some sort, and cannot choose our manner
of reception. Thanks for listening.