Vladimir Nabokov

NABOKV-L post 0002672, Fri, 26 Dec 1997 11:27:32 -0800

PF Narrator? Pnin in Pale Fire (fwd)
From: Jim Morrison <jamorrison@metronet.de>
To: NABOKV-L@UCSBVM.ucsb.edu
Subject: Pnin in Pale Fire

I would like to ask all the pro-Shadeans and the pro-Kinboteans to explain the presence of Pnin in Pale Fire. Repeatedly, people have posted messages that claim Pnin's being in Pale Fire points to an irresolvable inconstancy with the Shade or Kinbote as narrator of Pale Fire positions, yet there are no retorts to this assertion. Add me to the list of those who think Pnin is a big trouble maker. Please, someone, prove to us that Pnin is friendly to Shade and Kinbote.

Jim Morrison