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Nabokov Society Panels at MLA & ATSEEL: Toronto 1997 (fwd)
From: Donald Barton Johnson <>
Just a Handy Reminder...............................

The International Vladimir Nabokov Society, an Allied Organization of the
MLA, will sponsor two sessions at the Toronto Annual Convention. The
programs are:

"Vladimir Nabokov: Varia"

Sunday, 28 Dec. 1997 10:15 - 11:30 AM Montebello Room, Royal York
Presider: D. Barton Johnson, Univ. of California at Santa Barbara

1. "Lolita of the Limberlost: Vladimir Nabokov & Gene Stratton-Porter"
D. Barton Johnson, UCSB
2. "Possible Worlds Theory and Nabokov's Novels"
Cary Henson, Indiana University
3. "Editing Nabokov at _The New Yorker_: The Letters of Vladimir Nabokov
and William Maxwell"
Barbara Burkhardt, Univ. of Illinois, Urbab-Champaign
4. "Nabokov and Comic Art"
Gavriel Shapiro, Cornell University


"LOLITA in Context"

Tuesday: 30 Dec. 1997 1:45-3:00 pm 206F Toronto Convention Center
Presider: Ellen Pifer, Univ. of Delaware
ellen pifer <>

1. "Cultural Icons in Conflict: LOLITA and Dostoevsky's "Gentle Creature"
Julian Connolly, Univ. of Virginia

2. "Bedtime Stories: Fairy Tales and Pedophiliac Fantasies in LOLITA"
Susan Elizabeth Sweeney, College of the Holy Cross

3. "'Imagine Me': The Myth of the American Road in LOLITA"
Robert Barringer, Univ. of Delaware

4. "Nabokov's LOLITA Screenplays: From Hollywood Production to Literary
Douglas Baldwin, Yale Univ.

At the MLA, note also a talk in panel 39, on Saturday, December 27 at
9 PM: "La metamorfosi testuale: Dalla *Lolita* di Nabokov al *Diario
di Io* di Pia Pera," by Stefania Lucamente of Georgetown University.
The panel is sponsored by the MLA's Division on Twentieth-Century
Italian Literature.


There are two Nabokov Sessions.
Title: The Vladimir Nabokov Society
Sunday Dec. 28, 1997 7-9 PM
Chair: D. Barton Johnson (Panel arranged by Sunny Otake)

"In the Eye of the Beholder: Things and Words in Nabokov's _The Gift_ and
Sartre's _La Nausee_"
Nina Korotkova (Independent Scholar)

"Me, Myself, and He?: Dialogic Construction of Identity in Nabokov's _The
Eye_ and Mandelstam's _Egyptian Stamp_
Corinne Scheiner, University of Chicago
The following listing is not sponsored by the Nabokov Society.

Title: Vladimir Nabokov and Intertextuality
Sunday Dec. 28 1997 3:15-5:15
Chair Nikita Nankov, Indiana University

"The Text and its Context: Nabokov's Self-Translation: _Conclusive
Evidence_, _Drugie berega_, and _Speak, Memory: An Autobiography
Joanna Maria Trzeciak, University of Chicago

"Across the Bamboo Bridge: The Poetry of Nabokov's Prose"
Paul Morris, Universitat des Saarlandes (Germany)

"A Suburb of Sodom: Nabokov's Zembla and the Gay Utopias of Ronald
Aldo Alvarez, Binghampton Univ.

"Isotopy and the Problem of Narrative Transtextuality: The Example of
Leonard Orr, Washington State Univ.
Also Noted:

Panel Title: Russian Emigre Literature
Monday Dec. 29, 1997 8-10 AM
Chair: Trina Mamoon, Univ. of illinois, Urbana-Champaign