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Re: Pale Fire: who invented whom (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. Phyllis Roth, Arts Dean at Skidmore College did one of the
earliest dissertation on VN. She is also a Dracula expert.

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I agree entirely with Charles.

Phyllis Roth
Donald Barton Johnson writes:
> EDITOR's NOTE. Charles Nicol <EJNICOL@root.indstate.edu>,
> author of the note below, did one of the first
> VN dissertations and is a founding father of the Vladimir Nabokov Society,
> author of numerous articles, and co-editor of the
> collection _Nabokov's Fifth Arc_.
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> Ever since Field, in his very-good-for-its-time 1967 book on Nabokov's
> fiction, argued that Shade created Kinbote, with a diagram of Shade's
> window included, I have cringed every time this argument comes up,
> whichever character ends up creating the other (yah, take that,
> Don, ol' buddy!). They are co-equal, two sides of a coin. The moon
> steals its pale fire from the sun, but that's far from the sun
> creating the moon. Indeed, the real question that ought to be
> answered is how much Kinbote modifies his Zembla to fit Shade's poem.
> Charles Nicol

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