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VN "On-line conference" at stgeorge: Russian-Easteuropean (fwd)
From: Donald Barton Johnson <>


If any NABOKV-L subscriber "attends" the "conference," the list would very
much like an account of the affair and how to tune in.

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Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 12:24:49 +0300
From: Sergey Streltsov <>

Our constant world on-line conferences are inviting new partisans of
on-line conferences to participate on-line conferences dedicated to the
Russian-Easteuropean themes.

The Saint George Club
Day of Week And Description Information is included only for the Nabokov

Bounin, Nabokov, Brodsky and Russian literature in Russia and abroad.
Post-modernism and Soviet-Postsoviet period as New Classic epoch in world
history, its expression in WWII, The World Revolutionary Movements, Russian
and East-European Governmental, Academic, Literary and Private links in the
all world.

other problems.

The hours when on-line conferences are beginning

09.00, 13.00, 21.00 (Moscow time GMT+03.00)
08.00, 12.00, 20.00 (Cairo, Eastern Europe, Israel, Helsinki, Athena
07.00, 11.00, 19.00 (Roma, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Prague GMT+01.00)
06.00, 10.00, 18.00 (London GMT)
03.00, 07.00, 15.00 (Brasilia GMT-03.00)
01.00, 05.00, 13.00 (American and Canadian Eastern time GMT-05.00)
00.00, 04.00, 12.00 (American and Canadian Central time GMT-06.00)
22.00, 02.00, 10.00 (American and Canadian Pacific time GMT-08.00)
20.00, 00.00, 08.00 (Hawaii GMT-10.00)

Please enter names, nick names and messages in English- for chat java
system supports user information and discussion with all polemics and
agruments only in this language.

I invite You to participate in my constant events here , the calendar will
appear in nearest time. You can freely make links from Your editions to
this page.
Please, wait a little while applet is loading- it takes half or one minute.

You can see me in this place at 19.00 (Moscow Time) every day.
Please, be polite with other guests.

'The Saint George Journal'.

Moscow literary-academic edition, publishes in Russian and English poetry,
prose, scientific works in the field of philology, history, philosophy,
sociology, politology and international academic calendars.

Sergey Streltsov