Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: pale fire (fwd)
From: Tim Henderson <thenders@mail.lanline.com>

I think it's sort of like an Oreo; you can save the creamy middle for
last or mix it as you go.
Seriously, looking back, I read the commentary as it came up the first
time, but as you'll see the connection becomes quite spurious after a
while. The poem is a glistening masterpiece in its own right...I would
say read it straight through and then refer back as you read the

> From: Anthony Robinson <antrobin@rio.com>
> Hi, I'm new to the list, and have a question.....
> I'm reading Pale Fire for the first time, and would like to know the
> best
> method for reading it...should i read the poem first, the commentary
> first,
> or should i flip back and forth?
> Tony