Vladimir Nabokov

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FYI-nabokov (fwd)
From: Kevin Burns <kevbur@Muze.com>

The New York Observer is a literate, weekly NYC newspaper--as well as a
good publishing world gossip sheet. The edition which hit the stands
this morning carries a full page, six column piece by Ron Rosenbaum
entitled "In The Nabokov Archives".

Rosenbaum reports on his viewing, on the premises of Glenn Horowitz
Bookseller, of "an unusual collection of books culled from the personal
library of the Nabokov family...in particular, his personal copies of
his own books, ones that over the years he inscribed with sometimes
surprising, sometimes cryptic, sometimes revealing annotations and

Among the items discussed are a gift to Vera of a specially stitched
together collection of VN's articles on butterfly collecting, various
versions of VN's autobiography, and margin notes in Ada and Pale Fire.

There are four terrific illustrations, including a reproduction of "a
graceful, hand-drawn, one horned caterpillar that crawls across the top
of the page in one of the series of heavily hand-revised sections of
VN's autobiography, Speak Memory'' and repros of several butterfly
drawings, one which has "for Vera from VN" presumably in his

Also interesting: "Glenn Horowitz and his senior cataloger, Sarah Funke,
[are] preparing--with the blessing of VN's son and translator,
Dimitri--a sale catalog of the collection".

Has anyone else viewed this collection?