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Lehmans' disease (fwd)
There is, in fact, a Lehman syndrome. This, courtesy of my father, Dr. Henry
H. Lerner, of Miami, Florida. Here are two abstracts:

1. The clinostatic syndrome described in 1953 by Pierre Lehman is defined by
weakness of the lower limb in the supine position contrasting with absence
or only slight disorders on standing, normal neurological examination and
passive mobility of the hip. The aetiology generally corresponds to a
malignant lesion of the base or roof of the acetabulum and very rarely a
fracture of the acetabulum or aseptic neurosis of the acetabulum, detected
by bone scan or plain x-rays. An inverse clinostatic syndrome of the lower
limb due to lysis of the ischium has also been described. -"Clino-static
syndrome", Annales de Radiologie, 36(1):48-51, 1993

2. We describe a 19-year old boy who presented with facial dysmorphism,
multiple lateral meningoceles, skeletal abnormalities and normal
intelligence. Neurofibromatosis and Marfan syndrome were excluded.
Electron microscopy of the skin showed non-specific abnormalities suggesting
a connective tissue disorder. The features of the boy closely resemble
those in a mother and daughter with Lehman syndrome. -"Multiple lateral
meningoceles, distinctive facies and skeletal anomalies: a new case of
Lehman syndrome", Clinical Dysmorphology, 4(4):347-51, 1995 Oct.