Vladimir Nabokov

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Needed: Chairperson for VN Society Panel at ALA Conference (fwd)
From: Ellen Pifer <epifer@odin.english.udel.edu>, Vice President of the
Vladimir Nabokov Society

For the last six or seven years, the Nabokov Society has organized
and sponsored a session at the annual Amer. Lit. Assoc. conference, held
in alternate years either in San Diego or in Baltimore) at the end of May
or beginning of June. (Unfortunately, the announcement does not specify
which, but the San Diego conference is usually held at the beginning of
June: i.e., June 4-7, rather than Memorial Day weekend, May 28-31.)
Here's what the announcement says:

"The annual conference of the American Literature Ass'n will be
held at the Bahia Hotel, 998 West Mission Bay Drive, San Digeo, CA 92109
(ph. 800-288-0770). The conference will begin Thursday morning and
continue through Sunday at noon, with an opening celebration Wednesday
night and a closing celebration Saturday evening. Preregistration
conference fees will be $40 (with a special rate of $10 for independent
scholars, retired individuals, and students). The hotel is offering a
conference rate of $82 single and $90 double. Participating author
societies will issue their own call for papers."

This year we are in need of a Society member to chair/organize
the session. The first matter of business for the chair/organizer will then
be to send out a CALL FOR PAPERS for the session itself (which can be a
theme-session or an open session, as the chair decides.) The conference
director has sent me the forms for our society's panel proposal, as well
as other information (Conference Director's address, etc.),
which I will forward to the person who accepts this position.

The deadline for a panel propsal is January 30, 1998.