Vladimir Nabokov

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Request from The Nabokov Museum in St. Petersburg (fwd)

EDITOR's NOTE. The Nabokov Foundation in St. Petersburg (now renamed the
Nabokov Museum) has now acquired E-mail and established its own WWW-site.
The Museum is now setting up its exhibits and library and makes the
following requests. Queries and materials should be sent to:

Vadim Stark, Director
Muzei Vladimira Nabokova (The Nabokov Museum)
47 Bolshaya Morskaya
190000 Saint Petersburg

E-Mail: fnab@comset.net
1) Would scholars who have written about Nabokov (and about emigre Russian
literaure in general) please send copies of their work for the Museum

2) The same is asked of libraries that have duplicate copies of
publications on these topics.

3) Any objects or mementos from the emigre period that might be suitable
for the Museum.