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Re: Sebastian Knight (fwd)
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EDITOR's NOTE. I might mention that the image discussed here is very
similar to that in what VN passes off as his first poem in Chapter 11 of
_Speak, Memory_. The full text and translation may be found in _Poems and
From: Kamni Gill <kamni@dolphin.upenn.edu>

Yes: it is the image of a drop of water sliding from a leaf that is used
to describe the parting of Sebastian's mother and the pain of his
father. It is the sudden jerk of the leaf relieved of its bright burden...
I don't have my copy-a permanently borrowed one here- but I was first
struck by this image in Sebastian Knight and noted it again in Speak, Memory.

I will do some rereading of Pnin, Spring in Fialta, and so on

Kamni Gill