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Re: PALE FIRE: Kinbote & "The X-Files" (fwd)
From: Ian Stoba and Laurie Mandigo-Stoba <stoba@earthlink.net>

Ahhh....Darin Morgan is the brother of one of the producers of the X-Files.
His first job on the series was playing the part of a giant liver parasite
that escaped from the bilge of a Russian freighter (I am not making this
up). He went on to write four episodes for the series. These are generally
considered by X-Files enthusiasts on the Internet to be the four best
episodes the program has yet produced.

I do not have a citation handy for the quote about VN as an influence (it's
all the noise from the carnival outside my motel room that's distracting
me), but I could probably dig them up in a pinch.

Morgan claims to have given up writing for television, although the
scuttlebutt is that he is working on a feature film screenplay. He made an
appearance as a guest actor on a recent X-Files episode. This time he
played a man born with a tail who can change his physical appearance. He
transformed himself into various doppelgangers of the husbands of women he
admired, impregnating several of them with babies with tiny prehensile
tails. The episode was written in a style imitative of Morgan's.


>Dear Stobas,
> A clean hit! But who is Darrin Morgan and whence the information?
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