Vladimir Nabokov

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Nabokov's Reputation (fwd)
From: Jeremy Caleb Johnson <johnsojc@jmu.edu>

I'm beginning a college research paper on Nabokov's literary reputation
and how it has changed over the years. Does anyone have any suggestions
for secondary sources (biographies, reviews, commentaries, &c.)?


Jeremy Caleb Johnson
English/Russian, James Madison University
EDITOR's NOTE. There are several thing that might be useful. Norman Page's
_NABOKOV: The Critical Heritage_ (1980); Sam Schuman's VN: A Reference
Guide_ (G.K.Hall 1979). Ludmila Foster's survey of emigre VN criticism in
_Russian Literature Triquarterly_ early seventies). I did a short
macroscopic survey that ran on NABOKV-L perhaps three or four years ago.
Probably called "A Survey of Nabokov Studies" or something of the sort.