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The Schiff screenplay for "Lolita" (fwd)
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Subject: The screenplay for "Lolita"

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I came upon, recently, an article about Canadian film director David
Cronenburg. He describes his childhood fascination with science-fiction
novels and how, as he later came to study English, he found hinself
disappointed with the quality of writing in most science-fiction: While
careful attention is paid to the plot, less care is given to language.
His tastes in literature grew to include Nabokov, whose use of language is
as significant as what the language conveys (in Cronenburg's view). My
question is for anyone who has seen the Schiff/Lyne adaption of "Lolita";
does the dialogue reflect Nabokov's obsession with words (especially as
compared to the earlier rendering of "Lolita," the screenplay written by
Nabokov himself)? Eons will pass before the movie is available in Canada,
and I've been wondering if those gorgeous plays-on-words survived intact.