Vladimir Nabokov

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VN Bibliography: First (Russian) edition of "Invitation to a
Beheading" (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. Michael Juliar is the author of the definitive VN
bibliography and the leading authority on VN editions.

From: Michael Juliar <mjuliar@attmail.com>

regarding tom pedrick's questions about the first edition of
"priglashenie na kazn'":

i don't know how many copies were printed and i don't think anyone
does know. but a number around 400 is reasonable. but 300 destroyed
by the nazis? i don't know what that is based on, but it doesn't feel
right. compared to some of vn's other russian editions, "pnk" is
relatively easy to find; when it is found, it is usually in a very
good, non-beat-up condition; and, when bought, it is less expensive
than other vn russian editions. it should be worth less than us$2000
in immaculate condition from a high-end dealer, and less than us$1000
in fine condition from a fair dealer. a private seller would demand
even less.

- michael juliar