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VN Bibliography: Vladimir Nabokov: Pro & Contra (fwd)
EDITORIAL NOTE. "Maria E. Malikova" <masha@assisi.spb.su>, Co-Editor of
the (900pp) volume briefly described a day or two ago on NABOKV-L, has
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Editors' Introduction.
A.Bitov. Lucidity of immmortality: death as a text

1.Works by V.Nabokov-Sirin
<Rev. of>The Magic Nightingale. A Tale by Richard Demmel. Transl. by Sasha Chyorny
<Rev.of>Vladislav Khodasevich. Collected Poems
<Rev.of>"Contemporary Annales". XXXVII
<Rev.of>Ivan Bunin. Selected Poems
<Rev.of>A.Kuprin. "Elan'" (Short Stories)
<Rev.of>N.Berberova. The First and the Last
<Rev.of>M.Aldanov. "The Cave". Vol.II

Introduction to "Invitation to a Beheading". Transl. by G.Levinton
Introduction to "The Gift". Transl. by G.Levinton
Introduction to "The Defense". Transl. by M.Malikova
Introduction to "The Eye". Transl. by G.Barabtarlo
Inroduction to "Despair". Transl. by G.Levinton
Introduction to "King, Queen, Knave". Transl. by V.Nabokova and G.Barabtarlo
Introduction to "Mary". Transl. by V.Nabokova and G.Barabtarlo
Introduction to "Glory". Transl. by M.Malikova
Introduction to the 3-rd American Edition of "Bend Sinister". Transl. by S.Ilyin
On a Book Entitled "Lolita". Transl. by V.Nabokov
Postscript to the Russian Edition of "Lolita"
Introduction to the Autobiography "Drugie Berega" ("Other Shores")
Introduction to "Speak, Memory: An Autobiography Revisited". Transl. by M.Malikova
Introduction to Short Stories "Ultima Thule" and "Solus Rex". Transl. by G.Levinton
Introduction to a Short Story "The Circle" ("Krug" ). Transl. by G.Levinton

Translator's Notes
Translator's Notes II

Two Interviews (From "Strong Opinions"). Transl. by M.Malikova
Poem "To Russia" with the Author's English Translation (From"Poems and Problems")
Chess Problems (From "Poems and Problems). Transl. by D.Safronova

II. Reminisciences
I.Gessen (From "Years of Exile: An Account of Life")
N.Berberova (From "The Italics Are Mine")
V.Yanovsky (From "Les Champs Elysee: A Book of Memory")
E.Fogel. Vladimir Nabokov. Transl. by V.Kern
H.Green. Mister Nabokov

III. The Russian Emigration Criticism on V.Nabokov-Sirin
G.Ivanov. V.Sirin. "Mary", "King, Queen, Knave", "The Defense", "The Return of Chorb", Short Stories
M.Tsetlin. V.Sirin. "The Return of Chorb". Short Stories and Poems
N.Andreev. Sirin
V.Varshavsky. V.Sirin. "Glory"
M.Kantor. A Burden of Memory (About Sirin)
M.Osorgin. V.Sirin. "Camera Obscura", a Novel
Y. Terapiano. V.Sirin. "Camera Obscura"
V.Veidle. V.Sirin. "Despair"
Vl.Khodasevich. About Sirin
P.Bitsilly. V.Sirin. "Invitation to a Beheading"
G.Adamovich. V.Nabokov (From "Solitude and Freedom")

III. Contemporary Russian and Foreign Scholars on Nabokov
J.-P.Sartre. Vladimir Nabokov. "Despair". Transl. by V.Novikov
G.Struve. Nabokov-Sirin (from "Russian Literature in Exile")
N.Berberova. Nabokov and His "Lolita"
G.Levinton. The Importance of Being Russian or les Allusions perdue
A.Pyatigorsky. A Few Words About the Philosophy of Vladimir Nabokov
V.Nabokova. Introduction to V.Nabokov's Collected Poems "Stikhi" (Ardis, 1979)
M.Lotman. Some Notes On the Poetry and Poetics of F.K.Godunov-Cherdyntsev
J.W.Connolly. Nabokov's "Terra Incognita" and "Invitation to a Beheading":Struggle for the Imaginative Freedom
Yu.Levin. Notes on V.Nabokov's "Mary"
V.E.Alexandrov. The "Otherworld" in Nabokov's "The Gift". Transl. by M.Malikova
D.B.Johnson. The Labyrinth of Incest in Nabokov's "Ada". Transl. by T.Goldenveiser
D.Alexandrov. Nabokov - the Naturalist and Enthomologist
G.Barabtarlo. Essay on the Engine Structure of "Invitation to a Beheading"
S.Davydov. "Gnostical Turpitude" of Vladimir Nabokov: Metaphysics and Poetics in "Invitation to a Beheading"
M.Medarich. Vladimir Nabokov and the XX cent. Novel
P.Tammi. Notes on the Polygenetivity in Nabokov's Prose. Transl. by P.Torop
N.Tolstaya. Nabokov's Short Story "A Busy Man"
L.Saraskina. The Nabokov Who Curses
I.Paperno. How Nabokov's "The Gift" Is Made
N.Boukhs. Two Players at the Board: Vl.Nabokov and Y.Kavabata
L.Heller. An Artist in the dark Zone: Nabokov's "Bend Sinister"
O.Skonechnaya. The Black and White Kaleidoscope
J.Grayson. The Metamorphoses of "The Gift"
V.Linetsky. Nabokov and Gorky
M.Lipovetsky. The Epilogue of Russian Modernism

A.Dolinin. Three Notes on Nabokov's "The Gift"
M.Malikova. Nabokov's "First Poem". Translation and Commentary
V.Stark. Pushkin in the Art of Vladimir Nabokov
N.Teletova. Vladimir Nabokov and His Predecessors
Iv.Tolstoy. Khodasevich in Koncheev

K.Basilashvili. "The Eye" by V.Nabokov
T.Smirnova. A Few Words About Nabokov's "Invitation to a Beheading"
V.Polischuk. The Life of Device in Nabokov's Prose
A.Yanovsky. A Few Words About Nabokov's "Mary"

B.Averin. Nabokov and Nabokoviana


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