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The Web as a teaching resource (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. Jeff Edmunds is the founding father of the Nabokov Web
page. If you do teach any of the Nabokov books, please respond. ZEMBLA is
an excellent research resource -- one I frequently resort to. If there are
ways in which it can be made more useful to teachers, please let
Jeff know.
JEFF EDMUNDS <JHE@psulias.psu.edu>

It is with some hesitation at the prospect of an indifferent silence that I
toss this subject into the ring:

The Web is being used by an ever greater number of professors in teaching
their courses. Whether as a means of providing ready access to course
syllabi and class notes, or as a platform for electronic interaction
between teachers and students, the Web has the potential to change the way
college courses are taught.

Rather more a technophobe than technophile, and skeptical of technology as
a means of teaching people to think, let alone appreciate high art, I would
be interested nonetheless in hearing from NABOKV-L subscribers who are also
teachers of Nabokov. Are there ways in which ZEMBLA, the Nabokov Web site,
could assist you in teaching your courses? How?

Jeff Edmunds