Vladimir Nabokov

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From: Margaria Meklin <Mar8Meck@aol.com>

I am a Russian writer, and I was born in Sankt-Petersburg; Morskaya 47 was my
favorite place. I also have been to Rozdestveno several times (around
1990-1994. The fire of April 1995 of Nabokov's house inspired me to
write a story "Dom" which was published in "Novyi Zhurnal" (#3.96,
pp.74-81, S-Petersburg, Russia). This story has tiny references to Sergei
Nabokov and "waterproof" ("fireproof" in my story), to Sharlotta's reply
in "Lolita." The "dom" (house) described in my story is Nabokov's house,
and my hero burns it with the strength of his imagination.