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Schiff/Lyne Lolita (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. Alphonse Vinh at NPR in Washington is (inter alia) a
specialist on modern American literature.
From: Alphonse Vinh <AVINH@npr.org>-

It has been reported that Trimark in Santa Monica will release the Lolita
film. Originally, they had wanted some 20-25 million dollars to distribute
the film but will settle for much less--an estimated one million or so.
Trimark realises this is one art movie that should not have to cost some
60-70 million to produce and will not bring in a good return. It's likely
that the Lolita film will be released sometime next summer in 1998. The
French release has been postponed until January 1998.

I have also written a long note to the hosts of our various NPR shows
suggesting that we do a two-way on Galya Diment's *Pniniad*. Sometimes my
ideas win, sometimes they don't. A lot of my stories are produced but
Pniniad may be too academic and about a too marginal character without the
certain colourfulness NPR demands for profiles on characters.

Please let our fellow Nabokovians know I always want to hear from them if they
have good stories that will play well on radio.

Best, Alphonse