Vladimir Nabokov

NABOKV-L post 0002451, Thu, 9 Oct 1997 19:44:58 -0700

CD: a pin, a cork, and a card (fwd)
NABOKOV cast a wide net and some of his catches are to be found in (to me
at least) improbable places --- such as the new CD with the Sherlockian
title "a pin, a cork, and a card" which, incidently, neatly described the
album's front and inside art work.

Ryan Asmussen <rra@bu.edu>, drummer (and cover designer) for the Boston
group "fathouse" has graciously sent me a copy of the album. The front
cover is a reproduction of the photo of a series of Nabokov's pinned
butterflies (Lycaeides) which may be seen in Boyd II (following p. 226).
VN had planned to use a version of the shot for his uncompleted
*Butterflies of Europe* volume. On the front cover, the plate shows a full
series. On the inside enlargement of the photo, item 84, a melissa, is
absent. As designer Asmussen explains, it has taken flight and may be seen
on the surface of the CD itself. He adds that the music and lyrics have no
Nabokovian connotations, although one is called "The Eye".