Vladimir Nabokov

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VN Biblio & QUERY: VN Interview quote? (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE. Mark Chulsky/US/CCA <Mark_Chulsky@cca-int.com> gas just
supplied additional info on the Muliarchik vol.

"Russkaia Prosa Vladimira Nabokova"
("Russian Prose of Vladimir Nabokov") by A.Muliarchik,
printed by Moscow State University
(144 pages, $9.00 + $2.50 P&H)
is available from Victor Kamkin bookstore
(www.kamkin.com or 301-881-5973).

Mark Chulsky
From: Andy Shaindlin <shain@umich.edu>

I recently received an e-mail with the following quote at the bottom. Can
someone tell me if this is in fact a VN quote? And if so, what is the
source, and the context?

"Genius is the African that dreams of snow."

Thanks very much.

Andy Shaindlin