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Lolita (the Whale's) Homecoming (fwd)
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Subject: Lolita's Homecoming

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This one is about Lolita the whale, who may be retiring from her
captivity in Miami Seaquarium and coming home to the Puget Sound region
where she was born 27 years ago. A letter urging her release was
truly "bipartisan," and signed by the Washington State Governor, both
US Senators, and virtually all US Representatives from the state,
including, even, Linda Smith, who usually marches to a drummer all of her
own. We just got an issue of PAWS NEWS (Progressive Animal Welfare
Society) which is all devoted to LOLITA. Here are some of the
more intriguing headlines: "LOLITA: Imagine the Joyful Reunion," "Putting
LOLITA on the Line," "LOLITA's Life Before and After Capture ," "Let Her
Go... Let Her GO," "Can LOLITA Go Home Again?" "LOLITA Loyalty," and,
finally, "LOLITA, the One and Only." If you want to find out more about
Lolita, the Captive Female Whale, you can visit PAWS website --

They also say they are "eager to send additional copies" of
the Newsletter (Issue #34, Autumn Special Edition, 1997). Their Fax # is
425-742-5711, tel. 425-787-2500. Address: PAWS, 15305 44th Avenue West, PO
Box 1037, Lynnwood, WA 98046.

Galya Diment