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Capote on VN
Subject: Re: VN mentions in Edmund White's THE BURNING LIBRARY (fwd)

EDITOR'S NOTE. In re Earl Sampson's useful charting of Nabokov-mentions in
Edmund White's THE BURNING LIBRARY, Juan Martinez <>
offers the item below.
It might perhaps be worth mentioning that Capote himself makes at least
one reference to Nabokov---I read _Answered Prayers_ a while ago, but I
recall the protagonist mentioning _Lolita_ and Humbert Humbert in
passing, praising it highly, then moving on to some sort of gossip or
other. At some ritzy restaurant, if memory serves me right.


"Further mentions of VN in White's THE BURNING LIBRARY:

3) From "Sweating Mirrors: A Conversation with Truman Capote": "I
congratulated Capote on his new MUSIC FOR CHAMELEONS.... It
contains...effervescent non-fiction portraits of Marilyn Monroe and of a
char ('A Day's Work').... In both of these portraits he himself appears
a fully fleshed character - gossipy, elfin, compassionate, doomed. In
introduction to the book he explains that he'd sought a way to employ
his technical skills at once. One might add that the most dazzling
'technique' is the stunning personal candor, one that sheds the same
mordant brilliance that Nabokov achieved in a quite different way, by
contrasting passionate tenderness toward the beloved with patriciam
comtempt for everyone else." (95-96) "In the extant chapters of
PRAYERS, he depicts some of the jumbled elements of his own life (much
Nabokov does in LOOK AT THE HARLEQUINS!)." (104)"

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