Vladimir Nabokov

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Materials for Documentary on VN
EDITOR's NOTE. I queried Oleg Dorman for more details on his needs for his
Nabokov film. I now run his original request plus some additional details.
From: Nipkow Programm <Nipkow-Programm@t-online.de> My name is Oleg
Dorman, a film director by profession. I am working now over a project of
a large documentary about Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov. If we are lucky
it should be the first Russian film about him. The Nipkow Programm of the
European Film Academy helps me and I am writting you from Berlin. I'd
like to get somewhere the titles of all documentaries ever made about VN.
Would you please post my question to the members of the Nabokov discussion
group - perhaps somebody remember one or the other film. I'd be glad to
be also useful for you in any way. With kind regards, Oleg Dorman.

E-mail: Nipkow-Programm@T-Online.de

Date: Mon, 29 Sep 97 17:21 MET DST
From: Nipkow Programm <Nipkow-Programm@t-online.de>

What I am very interested for are amateur, home recordings, photos and
probably 8-mm films with VN.
Oleg Dorman.