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Re: LOLITA's "Chestnut Lodge" (fwd)
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Dear List:
In reply to Peter Kartsev and in extension of Jeff Edmunds, may I
just reminder readers that *Cunning Stunts* (a hoary old chestnut of
a spoonerism if there ever was one: is that VN's point in naming an
avant-garde play that way? perhaps, but it's always seemed odd to me)
is not the only such obmanipulation in *Transparent Things* of that
and similar words likely to tickle the genital reader: the Reign of
Cnut, misunderstood by a humble proofreader; a balanic plum; Pussy in
Savoie and Condom in Gascogne. This does nothing to confirm the
proposed Chestnut Lodge anagram, but it does remove one argument
against it.

Brian Boyd
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