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VN Bibliography: Estonian
EDITOR'S NOTE. NABOKV-L welcomes its first Estonian subscriber, Rein
Saluri <>.
I hope it's not against Netiquette that I'm
sending some information about myself personally. I am Estonian
writer (ca 20 books - mostly short stories, plays etc.), sometimes try to
translate English and Russian fiction (from Dostojevsky to Gerald Durrell
- you see, I studied biology 1959-66, Tartu and Leningrad Universities),
but since 1968 I'm free-lance omnivorous "scribe". I'm really happy I
found NABOKV-L, because after Christmas maybe I'll try to translate
Sirin's Invitation to a Beheading and Glory (Podvig) or Laughter in the
dark (Camera Obscura). So, if I'm still alive after such a lovely madness,
maybe I disturb wise people and ask silly questions. And of course, I'll
send information about Nabokoviana Estonica. For example,

VN translations:
The Defence (Luzhini kaitse),1990, publ. by Loomingu
Raamatukogu, transl. Mare Mauer.
Lolita 1990, Eesti Raamat, transl. Hans Luik
Transparent Things (Läbipaistvad asjad) 1992, Loomingu Raamatukogu,
tr. Mati Soomre.
The list is not complete, maybe we have some prewar
translations, I'm not sure. With best wishes Rein Saluri Ilmarise 15-11
Tallinn EE0009 Estonia ph.home (372) 6706046