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Re: Visit to 47 Bolshaya Morskaya (fwd)
From Mon Sep 22 19:29:32 1997

Re Mr. Cook's promise to try and find first or early editions of N.'s
works for the Nabokov house in St Petersburg, he might try as it is an excellent compendium of used
bookstores all over the world with an excellent search engine. If he
will contact me, I will be glad to contribute to the purchase of such

Having recommended to Mr. Cook that he look at I took a
look at it again myself, since it has been some time since I visited
it. They now have over seven hundred Nabokov titles, many of which are
first editions at reasonable prices and several, out of the first
hundred I looked at, at quite high prices. One, a copy of Nine Stories,
inscribed to his wife, was $15,000. I saw several others at $2,000 and
above. It looks as if N. has caught up with the trade.

Philip F. Howerton, Jr.