Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: Visit to 47 Bolshaya Morskaya (fwd)
From howerton@vnet.net Mon Sep 22 19:29:32 1997

Re Mr. Cook's promise to try and find first or early editions of N.'s
works for the Nabokov house in St Petersburg, he might try
http://www.abebooks.com as it is an excellent compendium of used
bookstores all over the world with an excellent search engine. If he
will contact me, I will be glad to contribute to the purchase of such

Having recommended to Mr. Cook that he look at abebooks.com. I took a
look at it again myself, since it has been some time since I visited
it. They now have over seven hundred Nabokov titles, many of which are
first editions at reasonable prices and several, out of the first
hundred I looked at, at quite high prices. One, a copy of Nine Stories,
inscribed to his wife, was $15,000. I saw several others at $2,000 and
above. It looks as if N. has caught up with the trade.

Philip F. Howerton, Jr. phowerton@vnet.net