Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: re VN mentions (fwd)
From: David Rhoden <rhoden@interport.net>

I don't know if the Fall album [i.e. Bend Sinister] is a VN reference; I
do know that the Fall's singer claimed to write his lyrics by throwing
phrases and words in a shoebox, (reminiscent of the index cards if you
ignore tha planning, etc.) which is a pretty fantastic way to write rock
lyrics if you ask me. He once advised a younger singer that the best word
to put in a rock song was "kicker", because you get so many consonants for
the buck.

And it reminds me, I knew a band called Bend Sinister from Chattanooga,
Tennessee in the 1980s. I remember saying to the lead singer that I knew
it was a heraldic term, to which he replied something like "I just thought
it was a book by Nabokov." That may have been the first time I heard of
VN, in fact. Some of the members of that band are still active as the
Shaking Ray Levis.

I'm not going to post any more rock-oriented material to the list unless
it's directly VN related. Would be happy to continue any discussion via
direct e-mail.