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Re: re VN mentions (fwd)
From: joseph brown <>

Steely Dan's reference to "an old novel by Nabokov" has already been
cited on this forum; a bookseller assured me the reference was to "King,
Queen, Knave" but I haven't verified this. There is also an album
entitled "Bend Sinister" by The Fall. Whether it's a reference to VN
remains an open question, but that's where _my_ interest was piqued.

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>From: David Rhoden <>
>Re Seth and Nabokovian rock acts
>There was a group called The Kinbotes a couple of years back; I liked that
>name better. Band names should be plural.
>As someone connected to that world, I find most of your college-educated
>rock-and-rollers (the front men, at least) have read Nabokov, but generally
>the big favorite is Garcia Marquez. I'm working with sort of a small
>sample, of course.
>I'm really glad Nabokov dismissed music not by his son; it makes it much
>easier for me to like whatever I want.