Vladimir Nabokov

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covers (fwd)
From: Jeff Edmunds <jhe@psulias.psu.edu>

A few months back, someone from the list (I'm sorry I don't remember who)
suggested creating a collection of the scanned covers of the myriad
paperback editions of VN's works. After discussing the idea with Don
Johnson, I offered to make this virtual gallery a part of Zembla, the VN
web site, if the people in possession of the editions and with access to
scanners would send me scanned versions of the covers and get the necessary
permissions from the publishers involved. My offer still stands. I agree
with Sylvia Weiser Wendel that such a project would make for an interesting
study in 'marketing Nabokov.'

Anyone genuinely interested in pursuing such a project can contact me at
jhe@psulias.psu.edu. Thank you.

Jeff Edmunds