Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: The New Lolita Film (fwd)
From: Kevin Burns <kevbur@Muze.com>

Oh for goodness sake. The tone of the comments about Roger Angell almost
tick me off. Why should he mention his parentage--most people who have
been around a while are aware of it. Second, why is he pigeoholed in
some minds as a sports writer and why is it suggested that he "stick to
baseball"? He's a writer. Period. And a successful one in more ways than
some of us subscribers, perhaps. Sheesh! He's also an accomplished
editor--most recently of "Nothing But You: Love Stories from the New
Yorker" which includes Nabokov's "The Circle". Sheesh again! Anyway, I
challenge someone to look up old issues of the New Yorker for his annual
end-of-the-year "Greetings, Friends" poem--there has to be at least one
mention of Nabokov. Guaranteed.