Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: Nabokovian dining (fwd)
From: Juan Martinez <pigbodine@hotmail.com>

[One down side: the annoying theme from Kubrick's "Lolita" plays ad
nauseam all night. All the more reason to keep your conversation
distracting and sparkling.]

Oddly enough, I just saw Kubrick's version of _Lolita_ for the first
time this weekend with friends and was very, very annoyed with the
"Lolita theme" (for which some poor forgotten fellow actually insisted
on getting credit!)... Was it just me, or is that irritating little tune
lifted straight out of some awful Italian film from the 60s?
Antonioni's stuff seemed to have this kind of tripe running all

Otherwise, an enchanting (if flawed) effort. Peter Seller's Quilty's
mad Groucho Marx bits were wonderful, as was James Mason's furrowed brow
and clumsy speeches. Didn't care for the nymphet tho.

A Nabokovian meal would have to include mushrooms, of course.