Vladimir Nabokov

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Thanks to Liuba Tarvainen
I can report the existence of a handsome, small-format, hardback
edition of Nabokov's Russian poetry. Titled _Nabokov V V. Stikhotvoreniia_
(Poems) Sank-Peterburg: Fatum-klub, 1977. Seria raritet: Zolotaia
biblioteka. The gold-stamped cover with the Falconet statue is encircled
by "S.-Peterburgskaia knizhnaia lavka pisatelei" ISBN 5-85602-041-3. 200

The volume calls to mind the very pretty little edition _Vladimir Nabokov.
Stikhotvoreniia_, compiled by Nataliia Tolstaia. The covers and
illustrations by A. B. Gennadiev. Leningrad Khudozhestvennaia
literatura. Leningradskoe otdelenie, 1990. IB 6054. Part of the proceeds
were for the Nabokov Museum Estate at Rozhdestveno.

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