Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: Suggestions for Nabokovian nuptials? (fwd)
I always liked the (albeit short) bit where an interviewer asks N. what
are the best things a man can do and he answers: "To be proud, to be
brave, to be kind." Perhaps that would make a better toast at a
rehearsal dinner than something to be read at a wedding, but that's all I
can suggest.

Phil Howerton

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I agree completely. I don't have _Pnemosyme_ on me, but on receiving
this post I immediately thought of that one line---"I'm thinking of the
secrets of cherubs and..." Something, something.

>2. From SPEAK, MEMORY, chapter fifteen, "Gardens and Parks" (pp. 296-7
>the Vintage paperback), the pararaph that begins, "Whenever I start
>thinking of my love for a person. . . "
>An excerpt:
>"It cannot be helped; I must know where I stand, where you and my son
>stand. When that slow-motion, silent explosion of love takes place in
>unfolding its melting fringes and overwhelming me with the sense of
>something much vaster, much more enduring and powerful than the
>accumulation of matter or energy in any imaginable cosmos, then my mind
>cannot but pinch itself to see if it is really awake."

I would also suggest the last chapter in _Look at the Harlequins!_,
something from there might be appropriate.

At any rate, best wishes.